Religious versus Contemporary education systems / H.I Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraqi on a visit to Jamia Naeemia Islamabad / The “Guest Hospitality” in Sharia

Welcome To Jamia Naeemia Islamabad

This Islamic educational institution was established in the year 2002, under the kind supervision of Dr M. Sarfraz Naeemi Shaheed (R.A.), whose detailed introduction is narrated on separate pages.More than hundred students are getting education in this institution.

Majority of students is boarder while small number of them is day scholar. They have come from all provinces of the country including Kashmir. This institution forever prefers poor & orphan children to serve them. Their education, rationing, clothing etc. is totally free of cost. We are heartedly thankful to those who participate by their donations to meet with these expenditures.  Read More+


Mufti Munib ur Rehman and the Afghan Jih

jomla2Mufti Munib ur Rehman and the Afghan Jihad One fine morning in August 2015, as I was sitting in my office I received

Religious versus Contemporary education

dghfgjReligious versus Contemporary education systems This article of Mufti Gulzaar Ahmed Naeemi was published in Al-Sharq

The “Guest Hospitality” in Sharia

08nsp-99The “Guest Hospitality” in Sharia Assalam o Alaikum! A question was raised by Mr Muhammad Safdar from Mian Chunnu that what is the status of guest hospitality


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